Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On Vacation

Two weeks away.  Going to try very hard to leave the phone off and avoid emails.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Wargames Magazines

Another shameless plug I'm afraid and an explanation as to why magazine publishers may see a blip in regional sales for Lincolnshire this month.

Miniature Wargames reaches a landmark issue with number 400 this month.  

If that's not enough reason to buy it then how about the fact that Henry has be kind enough to lead a new series with an article about me?

And then there is the new issue of Wargames Illustrated (no346) which this month features an article about, what I consider to be the very best wargaming club in the country (but then I would given i'm a member), the Grimsby Wargames Society.

The issue also features a write up of the Battle of Ramillies - something I'm looking forward to given that it is the main game next month at the Society.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Range

My wife needed to visit "The Range" (a weird store that is hard to define but really good for arts and crafts) for some supplies for her science lessons at school - tissue paper to make parachutes.  Whilst there I took the opportunity to have a look at their arts and crafts range.
Very good it is too.  
A decent variety of brushes of different qualities and prices.  Excellent range of W&N acrylic paints.
But what took my eye were these textured gels from the W&N Galeria range.  I use the Galeria mat varnish and am very happy with the result and the consistent quality  finish.  Now I'm thinking about replacing my current polyfilla and sand basing system with polyfilla and then coating areas with one or more of these gels - particularly the black lava and the sand varieties.  A little longer in the process maybe but less risk of sand everywhere.
I also picked up several of these pens from W&N.  They have two nibs, a fine and a not quite so fine, and come in a variety of colurs (I picked up Lamp black, Paynes Grey & Burnt Umber) with the idea of using them to detail figures and flags.  Now they are watercolours so will need to be applied after varnishing but that's fine since they are only for details - I had in mind using the Burnt Umber for improving faces with lines for example.
I also bought some more brushes for a decent price.

My wife has now vowed not to go to the Range when I'm in the car.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Battle of Ramillies May 1706

The Grimsby Wargames Society will be pleased to present a magnificent staging of the Battle of Ramillies on Saturday August 27th.

We have fought this famous battle of the War of the Spanish Succession before but this time it will be even bigger.  To press we estimate some 5,000 28mm figures on the tabletop - our largest ever game.  

Doors open at 09:30 with the signal guns firing for the battle to commence at 10am.

We plan to halt at around noon for the traditional fish & chip lunch.

There are plenty of commands available so please let me know if you'd like to come along and take part.

Entry fee will be £1 + lunch (approximately £5) - a quid for a full day of playing with some lovely toys!

Friday, July 01, 2016

End of June Workbench

I used to be organised I think.  One unit at a time from start to finish.  When the last few figures of that unit were nearly complete then I'd get the first of the next prepped.  Yet somehow I've managed to get into a situation where there are now three units in progress at the same time.
 It's been a while since my desk was this cluttered.
There are two units of Dutch for the WSS.  at the back Front Rank figures for Nas Friessland.  at the front Ebor figures for Wielderhen.
 The last nine of the Frieslanders are nearing completion and I hope to have these, and the Ebor figures complete for Ramillies in August.  however, that is looking less likely with three weeks of July being written off for work and holiday related items.  Still we can but try.
Then we have the other unit.  Some SYW Prussian flats from Berlin Zinnfiguren.  i wrote a post recently where I said I'd resurrected this project and here they are.   Just six more figures for the first company of Prussians.  I'm leaving the horse and flag to the end because I need more confidence before I attempt these.
Confidence gained by painting the infantry and the next two have now been finished.  I think I'm getting better with these and quite enjoying painting these two at a time in between nine of my standard units.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


A while ago I posted a blog about what I have ongoing as projects and ideas.  A long time ago I posted about a SYW idea using flat figures.  
Well with a number of fellow bloggers talking about their toy soldier projects I thought it might be nice to bring you up to date with my flat figures.

The two photographs were taken last night with a few French figures marching around my Grandfathers buildings.  These were made for me some forty years ago by my maternal grandfather and are much cherished.  He didn't play wargames but he loved to make things from wood and I don't think anything would give him more pleasure than to see that these are still loved.  The idea of bringing the flats into play is because they would have appealed to him in terms of styling, quality and the skill required to make them.

There are new purchases on their way to me.  Two more companies, one each of French & Prussian foot.  The Prussians previously purchased are back on the painting table.  I've managed to complete two figures who just require varnishing now.  The remaining eight are in various states of completion from those just requiring the muskets to be finished to those who are only undercoated.
The Prussian officer and ensign I'm leaving to last.  The painting of the horse scares me and the thought of painting the flag terrifying.  So I need to build some confidence by painting a few rank and file first.

Monday, June 27, 2016


When I started in this hobby there used to be a single figure code for each type of figure I wanted.  It was simple - just our code ABC for "French infantry at the ready" or code XYZ for "British artillery man with bucket".  
Somewhere down the line we introduced different angles of the head, different hairstyles, slightly different poses.  Then those poses became strikingly different but all mixed in the same bag.  Now our lines have a very different look to the toy soldier effect of yesterday.
But one thing that hadn't changed much was the number of options available in the artillery.  Probably down to the fact that we don't have that many pieces of artillery in our armies, makes the cost of casting numerous different poses, faces, hairstyles etc. price prohibitive.  Which meant our artillery has a very similar look in just about every base on the table.
Until now.
Footsore Swedish artillery.  I really like the figures holding their ears as the gun is fired.  Models from my collection.
Warfare Miniatures Swedish artillery.  Photo from Warfare Miniatures.
 Now those talented chaps at Warfare Miniatures have given us a real choice in our designs for the artillery.  Not content with four or five crew figures, Barry & his team have given us FOURTEEN (with one more to come).  Now the guns can be depicted being loaded, fired and run back after firing.

The website also shows how some of those figures can be used in other areas such as pushing forward wagons.

Just lovely.  And in a way I'm glad I've bought what I need because I just don't need this amount of temptation.