Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Great War

Last night saw my Americans take the field whilst we tried to find a set of rules we all like and feel comfortable with.  I'll not discuss the rules here because they are under review and I don't want to establish prejudice.

For the purpose of trying the rules I deliberately adopted an unbalanced, although one could argue historically accurate, force of six companies of raw troops supported a company of hard fighting Marines and a HQ section.
Companies Able, Easy, Dog & Fox ready for the push.  Only Dog company survived relatively unscathed.  Able were pinned down quickly by the Germans and when Easy tried to relive them they came under heavy artillery fire and put faces in the dirt.   
Bravo and Charlie companies advance into what turned out to be a whithering hail of machine gun fire from a hidden German maxim.  
Fox company head for the town with the Marines on their right.  The Marines ran up the high street and took on a company of Sturmtruppen in the next building.  Fighting was short and bloody with the Marines being killed to a man and the Germans losing over half their strength. 
Fox company hole up in the town where they spent most of the game trying to prevent the Germans from capturing the entire town.

And just to show that I'm not entirely absent from the painting table, here a few shots of a little fun side project.  Hasslefree have a Weird WW1 line of models and these are the first of my Hobbits. 
Dubbed my one wit in the club as the "Bantam" platoon these are the first four.  Lewis gun and three supporting riflemen.
Two riflemen taking shelter in a drainage ditch.
A close up of the Lewis gunner.

I really like these figures and can't wait to get some more.  Also, now that Hasslefree have their Dwarfs out (Russians by any other name) there's even more incentive to get some!

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