Monday, May 06, 2013


The first two figures are finished.  Representing Regiment Picardie from the Seven Years War with white facings, red waistcoat and yellow lace on the tricorn.

The pack as purchased contains six each of the above figures along with staff.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed painting these figures.  It taught me much about how my painting on other figures could be improved.  Until now I've never really understood the need to dilute paints to the consistency of single cream, but using a white undercoat and dilute paint I've found it easy and satisfying.  It helps of course that the figures are so simple and with little equipment.  Still it was easy to learn although not yet mastered.
Paints are a mix of GW & Vallejo.  Also a chance to use my new Kolinsky brushes (I was reluctant to use them earlier on figures that, in my mind, didn't deserve them).  Lovely.

The loft has proven to be a welcoming place today with the sun shining in through the open windows and the sound of birdsong drifting in.  The only downside was a peculiar mouldy sickly smell that pervaded the desk area.  After scrabbling round to make sure that there were no leaks or damp patches in the roof storage areas around the painting room I finally found the culprit.  It was the two pots of wash water that were sat on the desk.  Having been absent from the room for a while I hadn't done any housekeeping and cleaned them out.  As a consequence they resembled some experiment to create life.  Now that they're gone and a little breeze moves the air around it is a pleasant place to be.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

I love your two flats! How many do you plan to paint?

Best Regards,


Grimsby Mariner said...

Figures are from Berlin Zinnfiguren and I'm planning some 10 companies per side.

MurdocK said...

Nicely done in picking out the extra 'rounding' details like the pack and cartridge box.

I have some flats depicting the retreating French in Russia, time pressures pushed them off the painting table, along with a bit of intimidation for working with the medium.

Cyrus said...

Lovely flats, looking forward to more of these!