Monday, May 20, 2013

Sheffield Triples 2013

A busy weekend ended up with me at the National Institute of Sports in Sheffield which was hosting the Triples wargames show. 
I have to say that in the years following the move from the old venue at the University this show has improved considerably.  More space and a brighter lighter venue make it a much more welcoming show and a pleasant experience.  The only down side is that the bar is not as friendly a place to visit and definitely seems "tacked on" as an after thought (the University had two good bars with comfy seating and a bar to prop up).
Having said that I thought the overall standard of games hasn't improved much from previous visits.  Many were good games but seemed to be lacking in atmosphere.  Having said that there three that stood out for me.
Unfortunately the first one has no photographs (I'm beginning to dislike my Samsung S3 considerably).  40mm Toy Soldiers being played just as Mr. Wells would have done with matchstick firing cannon and being presented by the British Legion.  Well done chaps and well played.
Next was the game from Ilkely Old School and their "Action in the Platville Valley 1763" all done with Prinz August semi flats (or semi rounds as you prefer).  Good looking simple game. 

My favourite game, and the one that everyone loved because I believe it won best in show, was that put on by the Brompton Bankers.  Toytown figures from Eureka (sold through Fighting 15's I'm told) using Hordes of the Things rules.
The figures were delightful and straight out of our toy chests  - British Guards in red with busby, cavalry on wheeled horses, simple painting but excellently executed.

The whole thing was a delight and the enthusiasm of the gentlemen putting it on was contagious. 

And for a change it showed that big spectacular games are not always the way to get to the heart of a gamer.  Presentation, enthusiasm and fun can prevail.

Talking to the traders as I went round it seemed that Saturday was a very good day for them, Sunday a lot slower.  Nothing unusual here since that seems to have been the way for a long time now and certainly the entire time that the show has been in its current location.  However, many of them also said that they would be there next year. 
The disappointing thing was that there were some noticeable absentees.  No Griping Beast.  No Front Rank. 

Overall I enjoyed the show much more than last year.  The atmosphere around the room seemed lighter, people were more relaxed and talkative, the hosts were great.  

So what did I walkway with?  Some brushes from the ever pleasant people at Coritanni, silflor and basing materials from Antenocitis Workshop and that was it.  No new shiny metal, no new projects in mind (there might have been had Fighting 15's not sold out of the Toytown range! - yes it looked that good), no new books. 

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Grigork said...

A part from Gripping Beast plastic sets no one was representing them either. I also missed Hasslefree. I'm not sure about you, but I noticed the main hall had a lot of buzz but the secondary one was flat, even though there were a lot of participation games here. It didn't help that these games in the second hall weren't running when I went round. I think a show should be for one day as it does seem the trend is one day busy, one slow.