Saturday, May 04, 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, Something New

It's been  a long time since anything really positive was posted here I know.  Since the megalead game in March I've really been struggling with the hobby in general.  Reading magazines kept me in there but overall it's been a lot more down then up.
Hard to put a finger on the why really.  I could blame the pressure at work which has just got a lot easier now that we've got the certification process and major customer audits out of the way.  I could blame the Xbox and the cluster of games that have just come out making it more desirable to shoot bad guys than paint good guys.
But I think the main reason was the last batch of figures.  I don't like them and resented having to paint them.

What were they?

They were a box of Victrix 1809 French that I bought to boost my 28mm French Napoleonic division to twelve battalions from ten.  I found them awkward to put together and difficult to paint.  In the end I resorted to simple block painting and using Army Painter dark tone dip.

The current crop of "stuff" on the paint table.

Something borrowed - rebasing my Russians for the Great Northern War.  This is the fourth battalion I've rebased.  Behind them the "Something Old" - my old Elite figures French battalions receiving the plastic reinforcements, the last nine of which are to just to the right of them.

More Russians waiting to be rebased. 

Something new - in the header bar I blame my Grandfather for my wargaming habit.  As part of his legacy he gave me a number of handmade buildings that deserve to be used but have no figures to match their styling.  So inspired by a recent article in Wargames Illustrated, and in honour of his memory, I purchased some "flats" for the SYW.  The style and quality of these figures should marry well with the buildings that I cherish.

Something Blue - flags for the Russians from Wordtwister (aka League of Augsberg).  Seem a little big now but will be better on the final units.

The third battalion of Russian who wait patiently for their standard to be issued.

Today, with the dip drying on the last of the plastic from Victrix, I feel a lot better about painting and getting back to the wargames table.


MurdocK said...

Be welcomed back to the table by me in spirit, if not in person.

johnpreece said...

No real logic to it, not necessarily bad figures. Just the way it is and if you don't enjoy it what's the point?

I dread to think how many units I have painted that I don't really need, I just enjoy painting them.

Maybe we should all be made to take a compulsory one months break from the hobby once a year. I know I would love to but I just don't have the time

Giles said...

Welcome back - we all go through periods like this. I lost interest in my blog for a large chunk of last year. As John says, whether it's figures, or painting or blogging, sometimes other things and factors just get in the way.

Best wishes


Sgt Steiner said...


From whence cometh the flats ?