Monday, January 13, 2014

Thoughts for the Future

Right now I'm in a painting funk so I've spent a lot of time thinking about the hobby but not actually doing anything to add to it.
I believe that the current predicament is in part caused by the new figures I've purchased from Ebor.  It's taking me a long time to come to an easy painting method for these figures.  The paint just doesn't seem to flow on to them as smoothly as Front Rank.  Add in my rather rash, and now regretted, purchase of all those Samurai figures for Ronin last year and for which I have lost all desire to finish.
So feeling very sorry for myself in hobby terms I've been thinking about 2014 and beyond, additionally I'm hoping that writing about it may inspire me to get off my chair and do something.
There are only two projects that I'm interested in.

Firstly the War of the Spanish Succession.  My plan here is to progress, no matter how painfully slow, the conversion of the current recruits into the new three rank deep formations.  This will mean that in due course some of the regiments I have on parade today will be disbanded  Some may be recruited into new regiments, others will undoubtedly be marching under a different General.  The plan is to paint the six Ebor regiments I have already purchased and then sell off other, older regiments, to purchase new figures (manufacturer to be confirmed).
My intention was to have the French from Front Rank, Spanish & Germans from Ebor and others from an undecided supplier as yet.  Given my difficulty with Ebor I may yet change my mind.
Secondly with this project I need to raise a lot of new horse squadrons.  So Ebor will again field all the figures from the Spanish squadrons and Front Rank the massed French.  Although I have decided to replace half of the Front Rank with Connoisseur horses (available from First Corps) - the riders fit superbly and they give a very varied appearance.

The only other project is the Great Northern War.
This has sat idle for a while and a recent conversation has given me pause for thought.
Originally I had planned to use "Beneath the Lilly Banners" (BTB) as the rule set.  Then a club member asked why I wasn't going to use the current period rules at the club.
The WSS rules we use don't include the use of pikes or take into account the aggressiveness of the Swedes.  However these are easy (I hope) fixes. 
The figures I have I'm in the process of rebasing on three elements as required for BTB.  The WSS rules we use have figures in 32 man or larger battalions.  BTB are in 18-24.  However, I think that with the inclusion of a couple of smaller bases per battalion I can get the swedes & Russians into units that match the size of the WSS ones.  I certainly have enough figures to add a further 8 per battalion.  Better still I won't need to change the horse or artillery.
Even better - I won't have to get anyone to learn another set of rules.

So that's it.  Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering.  Plod on with what I have and hope that my mood improves dramatically.


Ian said...

I hope it's just New Year Blues, once you get past this and you get a way to paint the new guys you will get your mojo back. Sometimes it's the size of the project that makes you drag your feet and you have two large projects


Bluebear Jeff said...

Paul, if you are not enjoying painting the Ebor figures, why not sell them and buy something you'll enjoy painting?

Yes, you might take a loss on the sale . . . but is it worth keeping figures that you hate to paint?

-- Jeff

Bill T said...

We all get those moments of stagnation mate. I've lots of new GNW figs coming in the next few weeks to hopefully re-fire your enthusiasm ;)

MurdocK said...

Two things have always driven my enthusiasm for the hobby.

An active, lively game with much humor or serious contemplation of either the historical situation or the tactical "now on the table" situation.

Willing participants: in either the game, period or doing some brushworks. Sounds like you have players for the tabletop at your club location - put some lead on the table for a while :: examine where you are having fun and resume building forces and painting from there.