Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Night & Blood the New Recruits

All f my new troops - three Spanish infantry battalions, Regiment Alsace and the two squadrons of Spanish horse - were all put into the field last night for their first fight.  Some had been out previously but failed to reach the enemy and discharge their muskets.  Not this time.
Facing the rather nice Prussian troops raised by Chris I had twelve battalions and fourteen squadrons.  Chris had ten battalions and nine squadrons and four field pieces (which were a problem for me). 
 I decided that the field was not going to allow anything subtle and so all the horse were massed on the right and the main infantry attack to go in on the left using two large woods as flank protection.
I have to admit that the infantry in their three ranks and three lines does have excellent appeal.  Almost universally this style of formation has received good reviews but it is taking a while to learn to use. 
 The horse fought almost from the start and the superior numbers of French troops told in the end.  At the close of play the French held the right flank and were pinning down a significant number of Prussian battalions trying to prevent their flank from being rolled up.
It was a different story for the infantry.  The French first line, comprising of Spanish, French & Germans, found it difficult to get to grips with the Prussians.  The Prussian artillery were tearing holes in the lines and  by the time the French opened fire their numbers had been depleted sufficiently to deliver anything other than poor volleys. 

However, luck was on their side as the Prussian morale proved brittle and forced the enemy front line to fall back.  Pressing on the Spanish in particular put a great deal of pressure on the enemy sufficient to allow the French second and third lines to come into effect and eventually to rout the enemy on the left.
Prussian morale proved susceptible again as they looked around and decided that the field was lost and retired.

My thanks to Chris for providing an entertaining game that was in the balance until the very end.  I'm also grateful to Mark for handling the French horse with such aplomb.

As ever the rules used are the Grimsby house rules. 


Monty said...

An interesting report and some very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing, Paul.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Congratulations on another win, Paul. Wish that I could get there to play with all of you but that isn't going to happen from 8 time zones away.

Anyway it is always great to look at your photos.

-- Jeff

DeanM said...

Impressive array of great looking troops!

Robbie Rodiss said...

the armies are looking really good. I have been looking at digs in Grimsby for the Friday, and I think Cleethorpes appears a better option.
Cant wait,

MiniWargamer said...

In the first picture, on the back right hand side as you are looking at the photo, you have some storage shelves. Are those for use for miniatures and do the shelves slide out? Thanks...

Cyrus said...

Lovely looking game!

Paul Robinson said...

Thank you gentlemen.

The shelves are all for scenery boards. We took the view several years ago to use boards with sculpted terrain rather than drop on pieces. To that end we now have enough to cover all four table several times over. The shelving is the most space efficient way of storing them.

Phil said...

Looks like a great game, beautiful pictures!