Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Horse Flesh

With Blenheim less than thirteen weeks away I'm painting horse as fast as I can to fill the shortfall in squadrons.  Another two leave the painting table this week.
Spanish horse again from Ebor.  As I've said before they are very nice figures and are quite easy to paint, even though I'm beginning to dislike painting white.

 The faces are expressive and lend themselves to a simple three layer process and yet have a very satisfying appearance once done.
 The officer in particular has an excellent face. 
So having completed two squadrons what's next?  Well more of the same of course.  Right now I'm about halfway through two further squadrons, along with having the next two squadrons mounts basecoated and shaded.


DeanM said...

Nice cavalry - very impressive!

Phil said...

A great looking unit of cavalr, very nice work!