Friday, June 27, 2014

Blenheim Progress

So with just over seven weeks to go things are looking good.

I have the completed orders of battle and there are eight commands although we can split a couple if more people turn up on the day.  So far I have five confirmed, one on the bench and two interested parties but more are still welcome.

Along with the orders of battle I have also completed the rules for the day, all those little additions for the scenario that impact on the core set we use.  Add to that the individual player briefings are finished as well.  People who have played in my games before know that, in addition to the objectives for each side, each of the players get three or four personal objectives so that we can have a winning team and an MVP.

My thanks to the support I have received from my fellow gamers at the Grimsby club so far. 

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Graham C said...

looking forward to this immensely