Friday, June 06, 2014

Spanish Reinforcements

With just ten weeks remaining until we stage the Blenheim game real life is getting in the way.  I've been away for the most of the last two weeks, one with work and with work and family (and sometimes both which was interesting - "Darling how do you fancy a couple of days in Devon all expenses paid?  You do?  Great.  Oh, we're staying with the owner of a crab factory because I need to visit them whilst we're on holiday.")
Anyway, somehow I've managed to complete another two squadrons of Spanish horse in that time.  Again from Ebor and again I'm pleased with the end result and the overall appearance of these figures.

All the issues that I've talked about previously aside, these are becoming my favourite range for the period.
They may not have the bulk and sheer presence of Front Rank but they do have terrific faces and features.
 I've been following an interesting thread with some like minded individuals on a forum and the consensus there is that for a good looking unit you should concentrate on flags, faces and bases since these are the three things you're drawn to when first looking at a unit on the tabletop.  A good, well presented flag draws you to the unit (just like in real life?), once you get closer well painted faces hold you more than the shaded and micro detail of the model, finally a good base will show of an average figure better than a good figure on an average base.
Just need to find the flags now then assuming I've achieved the other two to satisfaction.


DeanM said...

Great looking cavalry.

Phil said...

Nice work!