Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Away Last Week

I was always conscious that time was going to be an issue for the Blenheim game, especially since I have a number of figures I want to paint before the big day to boost the number further.  One of the causes of that was the need for me to spend a large part of last week in France visiting a couple of food companies for some new projects we are advancing.
There are many issues with the French food industry but one of them I have encountered regularly is that I'm never sure if they are trying to make you look like an idiot or whether it is actually part of their routine procedure.  The photograph below is a case in point.

The gentleman in the centre is the owner.  Dressed in a standard three quarter length food coat as per the norm.  To either side are myself and my account manager dressed in the garb given to visitors.  Now you tell me that they aren't taking the piss.


Jason said...

That is a very funny photo! :-)If it's a prank on the owners part then it's a good one!

Robbie Rodiss said...

I think theyre taking the piss Paul.
Thanks Robbie